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My very first Greenlee Fanclub post!!

Greetings fellow Greenlee fans and welcome to my debut post. I am, of course, a huge Greenlee fan and yes, I'm the nutcase taking three, yes THREE, of his courses this semester. What can I say, he's my favourite professor!! I have to take a lot of history courses, why not take them with him?

While I've been here several times to read the other posts and laugh at the Greenlee quotes, I haven't had the chance to post a few quotes here myself, so I have a couple that I'd like to share now.

First, here's one from earlier this month:

We're sitting in History 3460, and as always, Dr. Greenlee is in the middle of his lecture when he pauses to go write some weird and wonderful term on the board so we can all spell it right. He has one of those great little chalk holders (and it's red, no less; excellent choice of colour!), but of course, it's a little more complicated to use than a regular piece of chalk. As he stands there, struggling to make it work, he talks to it:

"Come on chalk, appear."

Then, "Technology, this is why I don't use it."

Finally, I chime in and say, "Press the button on the end."

To which he replies, "Yeah, that's not a bad idea."

You're welcome, Dr. Greenlee. Glad I could help.

Here's one from St. Patrick's Day:

I'm sitting in the classroom with some friends, waiting for Dr. Greenlee to arrive and start his lecture for History 1101 on Paddy's Day. In the spirit of the occasion, I'm wearing a green t-shirt and dangly shamrock earrings, being my normal odd self. Dr. Greenlee walks in and I'm a little surprised by his lack of green attire; I'd been expecting at least that mint-green shirt he has, or perhaps a tie that partly green, but no, he's wearing a dark suit, white shirt and non-green tie.

Thinking myself smart, I say:
"What, no green today?"

To which my perpetually sharp-witted professor replies:
"What's my name?"


And a couple from yesterday (well, the day before):

In History 3460, we're sitting there and Dr. Greenlee begins his lecture, only to be stopped by a short coughing fit, to which he says: "Pardon me, that's disgusting." Maybe those words on their own aren't all that funny, but it's just the way he says them that makes all the difference.

And then in History 2300:

He hands out the final exam question, explaining:

"As promised, the final examination. Take it, fondle it, put it under your pillow, consider it, buy each other a beer and talk about it..." and on he goes.

It is just me, or is it absolutely hilarious to hear this man say "fondle"??

And of course, while he's explaining at some length the rules governing the final paper, I'm sitting anxiously in my seat, desperate to open my can of Pepsi. I never open it while he's talking because it's too damn loud, so I'm waiting for him to pause for a second so I can open it before I start to fidget. Finally, he finishes his explanation and pauses for a second. I seize upon this chance and crack open my Pepsi can.

"Well, Rebecca tells me it's time to start," Dr. Greenlee says with a grin, looking my way as the glorious sound of a Pepsi can opening fills the room.

It's something I do in his classes daily, open my can of Pepsi. So nice to be recognized!!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's all I have for tonight, although with three classes with Dr. Greenlee, I'm bound to come back with something new soon. You just never know what this man will say next. And that's why we all love him!!
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